Sangathamizhan Review

Sangathamizhan review: An average entertainer with few interesting sequences

Rating: 2.5

Cast: Vijay Sethupathy, Raashi Khanna Nivetha Pethuraj, Soori, Nasser and many more

Crew: Vijay Chander(Director), Praveen KL(Editor), Velraj(Cameramen)

Story plot:

A big cooperate wants to set up a copper factory in a small village but a leader is fighting against it. soon after he dies the company wants to establish their plans and how the hero is tackling the issue.

Sangatamizhan is an average entertainer with a familiar story plot that we have seen over the years. Like other mass hero movies we have seen here also there are lots of build-up scenes for the hero and he is treated as the god by the people surrounded by him. He can take a dozen men and come out of the fight without major injuries. The same poor guy and rich girl love tract are keeping the audience quite boring.

The mass build-up has given to villain but in later stages of the movie, no proper screenplay has given to him which makes him a common man. But director Vijay Chander seems to have understood that he is directing a mass movie with familiar plots and he has tried to bring variety in. scenes were shot differently and Editor Praveen KL has done his job neatly. Raashi Khanna has done her role which was assigned to her and Nivetha Pethuraj also shows a glimpse of her acting skills. Soori is also tried to bring laughs to the audience but fails in most sequences. Director has concentrated more on making instead o0f screenplay and story.

If he has done that the movie would haave been one of the biggest mass hit entertainers in recent times. Actor Vijay Sethupathi is holding the scenes on his own and the actor himself has performed laid-back persona in the past and it seems he just wanted to explore the mass hero theme. He also suited well for the role. Vivek-Mervin duo has done songs for the movie which is not interesting and the background score also looks more palpable at times. Cameramen Velraj has again shown his class and he has done what is required for the perfect mass hero subject. Vijay Chander’s screenplay has not worked well and it gives the feel of a Telugu movie.

some flashy scenes between the hero and villain during the interval block are quite interesting and the movie failed to hold that impression in later part. With the movie facing financial issues like Sindhubaath at the last minute, it is high time for actor Vijay Sethupathi to choose the right script as well as the right producers. His attempt to turn as a mass entertainer didn’t work in his favor but his looks and way of holding the scenes and punch dialogues will be the treat for his fans.


With a familiar story plot, the director could have added variety in the screenplay that would have worked in his favor. Overall the movie is a one-time watchable entertainer with familiar sequences that we have come across over the years in the industry.   

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