Penguin Review: Yet Another Hollywood Inspired The Movie With No Proper Story And Screenplay

Penguin Review: Yet Another Hollywood Inspired The Movie With No Proper Story And Screenplay

Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Ragini Chandran, Mukhyamantri Chandru

Direction: Karthic Eshwar

Rating: 2 out of 5

Making heroine oriented subjects has become a trend and almost all the upcoming directors are having a heroine-oriented subject in their hand when they meet producers. But the issue with these young directors is they tried to copy the script from a Hollywood movie or from a web series which is not working. Also, there is no clarity in making the movies lags with proper script and screenplay. Movie Penguin is one such movie which lags clarity right from the start of the movie. Directed by debutant Karthic Eshwar and co-produced by Karthik Subbaraj the makers have followed the footsteps of actor/producer Suriya who has recently premiered his production venture Ponmagal Vandhal in amazon prime.

Director Eshwar Karthic sets the tone effectively right from the first scene as a child walks towards a statue and man is standing behind the statue with Charlie Chaplin mask. Soon he picks up the child slash him and walks into the lake and after a few seconds, we are witnessing the striking visual of yellow umbrella submerging the grey lake.  Then Keerthy Suresh was introduced as a pregnant woman who is carrying the guilt of letting down her son. Then the scenes portraying how her life has reshaped was quite amusing to watch. Her husband Raghu (Linga) left her then she was married to Gautham(Madhampatty Rangaraj). His husband, relatives, and even police believe that the boy was dead but she is hearing the rhythm and believes that the boy Ajay (master Advaith) is still alive.

She ignores the advice of her doctor and again visits the lake where Ajay went missing. She manages to found her son despite escaping from a masked man. Then the director explains with the answers which make the movie an emotional thriller but not exciting like recent blockbuster like Raatsasan. The best thing about the movie is Keerthy Suresh’s acting. She has done her role quite convincingly. She is slowing evolving into the character-based heroine who has got the potential to rule that particular arena.  The first half of the movie is quite engaging and has got quite a few scenes that make us thrilling to watch. Karthik Phalani’s visuals are stunning and Santhosh Narayanan’s background score is convincing.

Though the technical aspects of the movie are quite strong the major problem lies in scripting. As mentioned earlier the movie lags proper storyline which is not quite engaging. The director believes that screening illogical sequences combined with gratuitous violence will work but the audience has become quite matured and with the advent of OTT platforms they are quite exposed to lots of world-class Hollywood movies. The way the supporting casts are written and portrayed is also disappointing to watch. Karthic tried to create doubt in our mind with twists and turns but failed to impress the audience.

Overall verdict: not a theatrical product but the problem is it is not working in OTT as well. If you are an ardent fan of Keerthy Suresh it’s a one-time watchable movie for you. 

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