Pattas Movie Review

Pattas Movie Review

Pattas Movie Review: A normal entertainer with a predictable storyline

Cast: Dhanush, Sneha, Mehreen Pirzada

Direction: Dhurai Senthil Kumar

Rating: 3 out of 5

Storyline: A thief who came to know about his illustrious father and revenges the man who killed him and aims to bring the forgotten martial arts into the limelight.

Once if the director aims to bring the forgotten arts he will write the story that glorifies the art and will induce some masala items to make the audience watchable. The same thing happened in Indian and 7 am Arivu which brought the martial arts Varma Kalai into the limelight and many people get to know about Bodhi dharma. But director Durai Senthil Kumar took a different route and he just induces the ancient Tamil martial art Adimurai into his masala entertainer and predictable storyline. The formulaic action drama fails to carry the novelty of Tamil martial art Adimurai and ends up in a predictable storyline right from the beginning to end.

The first half of the movie was edited on a non-linear basis in which the movie opens up with Kanyakumari (Sneha) enters into prison for a murder case. The next scene cuts to present Pattas aka Sakthi (Dhanush) who is leading a care-free life. Incidentally, he is planning to steal a few things from a mixed martial academy run by Nilan(Naveen Chandra). Once he met his mother Kanyakumari he came to know that he has a history with Nilan who killed his father.

Thiraviyam(Father Dhanush) brings glory to the forgotten Tamil martial arts Adimurai. Dhanush’s acting is the major attraction during the flashback sequences. The way he handles Adimurai stunt sequences has been quite astonishing and a special note to actress Sneha because she has done her part very well. Both seasoned actors Dhanush and Sneha are the pillars of this predictable storyline. Nasser who is the father of Nilan and an Adimurai guru has done his part very well.

Both Thiraviyam and Nilan are getting training for Adimurai through their guru Nasser both Thiraviyam succeeds it but Nilan fails to do. It creates lots of vengeance on his mind and he went abroad to learn other mixed martial arts. Once he learned from there he returns to India and plans to destroy Adimurai. For that, he chooses to kill his father and Adimurai guru Nasser. Once he succeeds in that Adimurai has lost its fame in Tamil Nadu. Mostly the tragic turn of events between Nilan and Thiraviyam is the saving grace for the movie.

Durai Senthil Kumar tries to give his content fresh with a predictable storyline. But inconsistent screenplay in the first half as he highly relies on Dhanush-Mehreen Pirzada track which is not quite funny as director liked. Rushed sequences between Sneha and Pattas Dhanush should be connected with emotional sequences. So it does not create much impact making it boring and more predictable. There is also no proper chemistry between Mehreen and Dhanush which also spoils the tempo of story narration. The only best part of the screenplay is director didn’t enforce any song sequence between Mehreen and Dhanush.

On the technical front, Vivek-Mervin music has done its magic in song sequences and the background score too has worked out very well in many sequences. Finally, movie Pattas is a commercial entertainer and if you without having any expectations you will not get disappointed. Moreover, it’s not a sports entertainer but it’s a commercial entertainer.

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