Mafia Chapter 1 Review

Mafia Chapter 1 Review

Mafia chapter 1: a stylish movie with very little substance:

Cast: Arun Vijay, Prasanna, Priya Bhavani Shankar

Direction: Karthik Naren

Rating: 2.5

Mafia is the movie that deals with how an intelligent cop from narcotics hunts the underworld drug king. The movie begins with the unexpected shoot out happened at the weekend and in the next scene, we get to see the narcotics department doing a sting operation headed by Aryan (Arun Vijay). During that operation superior officer to Aryan Mugilan (Thalaivasal Vijay) is dead and Aryan finds out that underworld drug king Prasanna who rules the drug market in the city is the reason behind this attack. Then the highly expected cat and mouse game begin. Karthik Naren does his part by having an engaging tiff between protagonist and antagonist with decent fights and dialogue delivery. Both the hero Arun Vijay and villain Prasanna have done their part with their stylish looks and dialogue delivery. Priya Bhavani Shankar was wasted in the movie as she doesn’t have a proper role and she was not given enough chance to showcase her acting credentials.

 Lack of story and slow-moving shots coupled with the improper screenplay in the first half plays the spoilsport. But in the second half, the director tries to tell the story with some interesting screenplay but without a proper story base how can you engage the audience? During the climax portions the moment when Aryan (Arun Vijay) understands that Prasanna is one among the various snakes in the society and wants to find out the main culprit. Here is where the story begins but the saddest part is that it is the climax for the mafia chapter 1. The only big plus in the movie is the cinematography.  The camera tries hard to provide better looks for both hero and villain but many close shots and slow movie scenes make the audience boring to watch. The movie is a one-hour movie but these slow shots took the movie to 1.5 hours. Musician Jakes Bejoy’s music seems to be irrelevant in many areas and he tries hard to satisfy the audience in which he fails to do.

The movie makes the audience eagerly wait for the second chapter thanks to the fabulous climax at the end. The last 15 minutes of the movie are more engaging and it has got more twists and turns. Director Karthik Naren’s presentation and narration will remain you of the web series because there are no proper cinematic elements in it. The spoon-feeding sequences could have been avoided. As far as Karthik Naren is concerned he has failed to live up to the expectations he had created from Dhruvangal Pathinaaru. Movie mafia chapter one has got much needed pre-release buzz due to Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru. Lyca productions who had bankrolled the project will have to wait for this weekend to make this movie under the profit zone. The movie is the learning curve for all the upcoming directors which explains clearly the importance of the story. Without proper storyline, the stylist filmmaking with twists and turns coupled with versatile acting won’t help.

Overall verdict: the movie has its moments and elements in various areas but failed to make the considerable impact that satisfies the audience. If you are a cinema lover the movie won’t disappoint you because the stylish making will prompt you to watch. Otherwise, the audience will have to wait for mafia chapter 2 to know the entire story.

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