Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Started Training For WWE

Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Started Training For WWE

As you are all aware of the fact that Dwayne Johnson is the 10-Time world champion before stepping up into Hollywood movies. His charismatic enigma and powerful wrestling moves are still the talk of the town in the wrestling arena. His father is also a famous wrestler in WWE and he was inducted in the Hall Of Fame also.

Now it seems Dwayne Johnson’s daughter Simone Johnson is also wanting to carry the legacy of her family. As per the latest reports, she started training at the WWE performance centre and soon we can see her in the ring. If he successfully pursued wrestling she will be the fourth generation wrestler in her family.

In her recent interview, she points out that wrestling is not alien to her and it’s a grateful feeling to carry the legacy. Dwayne Johnson also wished her via his social media handle twitter. She is currently in the high-performance centre where she will be trained by legendary coaches to make her fit in the ring. She is only 18 now and it will take some time to see in her ring.

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