Darbar Review

Darbar Review

Darbar review: The movie is average but not Rajinikanth

Cast: Rajinikanth, Nayanthara, Sunil Shetty

Direction: A.R Murugadoss

Rating: 3 out of 5

One of the highly anticipated movies in the Kollywood cinema industry darbar was released on January 9th with amidst expectations among the audience. Has Murugadoss’s directional venture fulfilled the expectations of the audience? Stay here to know more about the movie

It is always a pleasure and treats to watch Rajinikanth on the silver screen. On his aging shoulders, he carries the movie on his own. The lack of screenplay and lack of proper villain role is the major problem here. Lady superstar Nayanthara does her role and yogi babu too makes us laugh in many scenes but there is no depth in the script which spoils the movie particularly in the second half. The story plot revolves around a cop Aditya Arunachalam who was deployed for a particular case in Mumbai has sensed the role of drugs played there.

69-year old superstar does his part with stunning action sequences and dialogue delivery but that is enough for a mass entertainer movie? Does the movie do justice to Rajinikanth’s charisma? Darbar is all about a masala entertainer aimed to please Rajinikanth fans. Even the introduction scene is letting the movie down with unbelievable fight sequences? He takes on 100 rowdies single-Handedly. We are living in the 21st century and the audience is getting bored to watch these kinds of action sequences again and again. Along with Rajinikanth and screenplay helps the movie to pass the first half but in the second half, the movie requires a proper villain and story depth which is lagging. Another disappointing aspect is darbar has got a long flashback in the history of Tamil cinema released in recent times. Nearly 1.5 hours of flashback scenes that don’t provide much value to film is disappointing and it tests the patience of the audience.

On the technical front as mentioned earlier the fight sequences aren’t pleasing and considering superstar’s age and these kinds of fight sequences could have been avoided. Cinematographer Santhosh Sivan who is working with Rajinikanth after nearly 25 years has done his part. He had tried his level to showcase Rajinikanth differently and almost he succeeds in it. Another disappointing thing Anirudh’s background score and songs. Apart from Chumma Kili none of the songs impresses the audience. when it comes to background score it could have been much better particularly the emotional sequences between Nivetha Thomas and Rajinikanth but the week background score is spoiling the spirit of the scenes which is facing troubles with the improper screenplay. Apart from yogi babu both Prateik Babar and Sunil Shetty are not used properly and their roles lagging vision and not working properly for the movie. Considering their talent they should be used in a better way.

The movie has its moments in the first half and for the family audience which no expectations in mind and Rajinikanth fans can be satisfied but hardcore cinema fans don’t expect this masala entertainer from Murugadoss. It’s time for A R Murugadoss to reinvent himself. The audience is not expecting the average entertainers like this from him.   This storyline is more than enough to provide a gritty entertainer but the lack of story depth and improper screenplay has let the movie down.

Bottom Line: if you are a Rajini fan you can enjoy every moment of superstar Rajini Kanth but it’s an average entertainer could have made it in a better manner to attract all sections of the audience.

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