Adithya Varma Review

Adithya Varma Review

Adithya Varma Review: A well-made remake in recent times

Rating: 3.5

Cast: Dhruv Vikram, Banita Sandhu, Priya Anand, Leela Samson

Director: Gireesaaya

Story plot:

The story revolves around a talented doctor who has issues with his anger management and how his life went downward after his love interest is married to other people. Can he redeem himself after that?

Yet another star has arrived!! Yes, Dhruv Vikram like his father Vikram has shown tremendous skill and talent with his debut movie Adithya Varma. In the opening scene, his grandmother narrates about the obsessive nature and how right from his young age he and his family suffered from his angry, rebellious, abusive behavior.

He has grown with the mentality that he can’t able to accept the rejections. As you are all aware of the fact that the movie is the remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. In the original version, Vijay Devara Konda has rendered tremendous acting and here Dhuruv Vikram is tried to replicate the same performance and succeeds in most of the movie. The audience clearly saying that Dhuruv looks likes a seasoned actor. Scenes and screenplay are penned similar to Arjun reddy and but director Giresaaya has made his mark with slight modifications that can suit the Tamil audience. like Arjun reddy here also the story revolves around the person who has got mental issues which is completely aa new plot for Tamil audience as well.

Team has carefully selected the cast and crew that can attract the audience and do justice to the role but they made a mistake in selecting Banita Sandhu as the heroine. Unlike in Telugu version in which Shalini Pandey the heroine is yet another pillar of strength with her stunning skills but Banita Sandhu is missing that magic. Hence it makes the love sequences artificial. Other supporting characters in the movie have done their part and Dhruv Vikram while displaying his acting skills while he is need of physical contact with women and realizes when he can’t get it and while posing ice cubes on his neck he has shown that he can live up to the expectations like his father.

Director has made a slight change in Meera’s(Banita Sandhu) character as unlike Arjun reddy here her intentions are clear and she wants to change the behavior of Dhruv Vikram. Love failure and heroine being forced to tie the knot with another person due to her caste-conscious father the movie has done well to project the bitterness of casteism still prevailing in the country. You have to congratulate crew as well because they have shown tremendous courage in taking up the script and pleasing the production house.

The end could have been more emotional but director Gireesaaya chooses the light ending. The excessive abuse scenes along with prolonged drinking and smoking scenes will make the family audience uncomfortable. The director could have made those scenes in a very different manner. If he had done that more family audiences could have enjoyed the movie in a better way.

Final verdict: Adthiya Varma is a well-made entertainer that can attract modern adults very much. It is a well-made attempt and Tamil cinema has got another actor who can be a performance-oriented actor.

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