Action Review

Action review: mesmerizing action sequences but not interesting

Critic rating: 2/5

Cast and crew: Vishal, Tamannaah, Aishwarya Lakshmi, sunder c

Ace director Sundar C is known for making family entertainers with comedy sequences. This time he has come up with an extremely different genre Action. The story revolves around the hero Vishal who is a commander in the army who is chasing the mastermind behind the terror attack that also caused a personal loss for him.

The handful of action sequences that are shot in exotic locations is the biggest positive for the movie and if you are an action lover you will like it. But where is the story? The plot of the story is not interesting and the screenplay is also very week. Colonel subash(Vishal) is the son of the chief minister Pala Karuppiah who lost his life during a deadly terror attack. During the attack, he also lost his finance Aishwarya Lakshmi and deputy CM and his brother Ramki.

So he chases the antagonist along with his colleague Tamannaah who fancies on him. With the scenes that are badly written Vishal also lacks acting skills to express both patriotism and emotion sequences in the movie. So the movie which is expected to turn out to be the biggest blockbuster finally ends up as an average entertainer. Meanwhile, Yogi Babu solely impresses the audience with his comic skills and he is also gone in the second half which results in only action sequences are the sole protector for the movie.

You can’t take action movies without proper m story and screenplay. B8ut the movie action was taken only for the action sequences present in the movie. With many logical loopholes and boring plot, the audience can experience a boring second half. Editing portions has been handled by Dudley who is known for clear clut editing but here the action sequences are cut down like a restless two-year-old which makes the audience more irritating about the movie. Cameramen have done his part and he has shot some exotic locations in London, Lahore, and Istanbul. Tamannaah as an action heroine has done her part. The glam girl also impresses us with her acting skills too.

Aishwarya Lakshmi as debutant could have got some better role because her role is not properly written which results in the audience asking the question of what she is doing in the movie. Dialogues were also not properly written. In patriotic movies like this, the like action sequences the dialogues should also be written properly then only it can connect the common audience but it is missing in this movie. Also, songs are coming as the road blocker and Hip Hop Tamizha Aadhi impresses us with background scores but failed to impress us with his songs. Sunder C is looking for a new dimension in his directing career but lacks vision.

Final verdict:

It is an average entertainer with mesmerizing action sequences but poor screenplay and story let the movie down. As an acclaimed director, we couldn’t expect this from you sunder.C. audience are looking for family entertainers from you.

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